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Polly's Artistry

Polly Lindstedt

About me

My name is Polly.

I am a self-taught and certified makeup artist and I even dabble in SFX. I am based in Stockholm Sweden and have been doing makeup since 2014 after realizing how fun this job is!

Ever since I started working with makeup I've been blessed with a lot of fun assignments such as, movie sets, weddings and events. The best part is meeting such amazing people on the way and get to work with people who has the same passion as I do!

I mostly work on photography sessions and weddings but I've started working more on set for movies. Have a look in my portfolio!

If you have any questions about me, my work or if you want references, feel free to go over to my booking & info page and send me a message.
If you want to know what kind of work i've done thene have a look at my resume.

Picture: Therese Willén

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