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Stockholm county, Sweden

Success! Message received.

Make sure you read all the information below before booking your appointment!

Good to know when booking:

  • You can pay via an invoice or via SWISH (only Sweden), no cash!

  • A travel fee will occur

  • Tell me which kind of service you're looking for

  • Be clear about the date and time

  • First and last name, phone number, and address must be given when booking in order to be registered in the customer database, including company name and if you are booking through your company

  • If a confirmation of a booking has never been completed by the customer within 14 days, then the date is passed on to the next customer

  • No-Show charge occurs if you do not show up on your appointment

  • Upon payment of the invoice, you have 20 days to pay

  • If you are late with your payment there will occur a reminder fee and interest at 10%

  • Cancellations must be made 48 hours before your appointment when late cancellation you will be charged the full charge

  • If a consultation has been made with a wedding booking and the client decides to cancel the wedding appointment after consultation has been done, a consultation fee needs to be paid. The fee is from 700SEK - Price is only for makeup consultation, hair and travel fee increases the end cost for consultation fee

  • Booking confirmation will be sent out when the booking is confirmed

  • I only take your booking via TEXT, in that way it's easier to keep track of all the info and we have everything on paper what's been decided

  • When booking for weddings, be sure to book both the wedding day and the consultation day at the same time so you successfully get the dates you need. You can book the consultation 1 month before the wedding day up to a maximum of 1 week before.

  • Extra fee's for uncomfortable hours can occur!

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